About Us

We are the FiberFlow team: Lena, Ludwig and Elena.

Lena developed the idea for the FiberFlow process during her studies in environmental engineering, driven by her horror at the lack of textile recycling today. Her expertise is complemented by the knowledge and skills of Ludwig and Elena. Ludwig is a trained brewer and engineer for energy and building technology. Elena holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a focus on mechanical engineering and is in the final stages of her Master’s degree in the same subject with a focus on production technology.

We got to know each other at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig. Lena and Elena worked together at the HTWK’s Chair of Industrial Metrology. Lena and Ludwig got to know each other during their studies.

The three of us now work in our office and laboratory in Leipzig, Plagwitz. This is where the first prototype of the FiberFlow process is being developed.

Together we are shaping the textile recycling of tomorrow