We develop technologies that enable textile recycling

A prototype is currently being built to test the FiberFlow process for the first time. This continuously supplies unmixed fibers from all types of textile waste. New products can be created from the pure fibers.

One truckload of textile waste is dumped every second

73% of textile waste is incinerated or sent to landfill. The rest is either lost in production and delivery processes or is processed into low-quality products (e.g. cleaning cloths). This means that 99% of textile waste is not recycled.

Recycling is made almost impossible by the large-scale use of textile mixtures in particular.

The total annual greenhouse gas emissions from textile production amount to 1.2 billion tons. That is more than all international flights and shipping combined.


FiberFlow works like a sewage treatment plant for textile waste

In a 5-stage mechanical process, textile mixtures are turned into single-variety fibers. These fibers form the basis for subsequent (chemical) recycling. By providing unmixed fibers through FiberFlow, textile recycling suddenly becomes scalable.

A World with FiberFlow…

FiberFlow makes a circular economy possible, even for textile mixtures. Our goal is to clean up existing textile landfills and ensure that no new ones are created by making textile waste recyclable on site. This creates local economies and jobs.

A better future for all.

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